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Energy Solutions

Empower Global Energy Solutions [EGES] is a one stop solution for energy efficient products. The rising costs of energy and scarcity of energy forces every human being and commercial entity to look for energy efficient products or alternative energy solutions to meet its or his daily life requirements. These equipments or products come from different sources featuring different technologies and accompanying technical jargon. This makes the decision making rather complex for individual decision makers who might not be equipped technically to evaluate the efficacy of claims put forward by a host of manufacturers.

EGES intends to fill this gap taking the onus of scouting for energy efficient products for its technical and commercial viability and offer to professionals and lay man the ease of choice on an array of energy efficient products for his daily life requirements. EGES will take these products to the customers through a well knit network of informed dealers who are enthusiastic about energy conservation for present and a sustainable future for our coming generation.

Efficiency Solutions Offered:

  • BLDC Ceiling Fan
  • LED Lighting
  • HID Lamps & Digital Lighting Controllers for HID lamps
  • Energy Metering Solutions